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I love to meet and talk with other filmmakers about their work and mine. I principally collaborate with other filmmakers as a director, actor, editor, cinematographer, assistant director, or production manager, but I’m happy to support others in their creative pursuits in whatever way I can. Get in touch with me if you’d like to collaborate or exchange ideas.

I admire and am inspired by actors so SO much, and my films are all about emphasizing the work that actors do. If you’re an actor interested in working with me, please shoot me an email with your resume, headshot, and a link to your reel. Also, if you have a screening or a performance coming up, please let me know so I can come check it out.

I have collaborated frequently with musicians throughout my artistic life in many different ways. On my own projects, I entrust composers to write music for my stories and I invite bands and songwriters to contribute songs to soundtracks. I have also shot and edited live performance and music videos for a number of bands and artists, and have immensely enjoyed doing it. Please contact me if you’re looking for a filmmaker to facilitate and help promote your work, or if you’re interested in contributing to a movie score or soundtrack.

My diverse set of skills as a director, writer, editor, cinematographer, production manager, and assistant director and my tenacious work ethic are an asset to every production I work on. I am always on the lookout for meaningful film work, so if you’re interested in hiring me in a professional capacity, please get in touch so we can discuss the compatibility of our schedules.

RESUME: Download my resume here.

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